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Introducing “Bingo for Google Slides™”: Your Ultimate Google Workspace Add-On for Customized Bingo Fun!

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to spice up your classroom parties, senior events, office parties, church events, or any other gathering? Look no further! We are excited to introduce “Bingo for Google Slides,” a powerful Google Workspace add-on that allows you to import, customize, and create unique bingo cards effortlessly. Whether you’re hosting an in-person event or a virtual game, “Bingo for Google Slides” has got you covered.

What is “Bingo for Google Slides™”?

“Bingo for Google Slides” is an innovative Google Workspace add-on designed to simplify the creation and management of bingo games. With this add-on, you can import a bingo card template, customize it to suit your event’s theme, and generate unique bingo cards that can be printed or shared digitally. “Bingo” also includes a flashboard feature, allowing you to conduct a full game of bingo with sound effects to enhance the experience.

Key Features

1. Import and Customize Bingo Card Templates

With “Bingo,” you can easily import a bingo card template and customize it to your liking. Change the text, colors, and design elements to create a unique bingo card that matches the theme of your event. The user-friendly interface makes it simple for anyone to create professional-looking bingo cards in minutes.

2. Create Unique Bingo Cards

Once you’ve customized your template, “Bingo” allows you to generate multiple unique bingo cards. Each card will be different, ensuring a fair and exciting game for all participants. Print them out and hand them to your players or distribute them digitally as PDFs for virtual events.

3. Conduct Full Bingo Games with a Flashboard

The add-on includes a flashboard feature, which lets you conduct a full bingo game without needing any additional materials. As the game conductor, you can click “Draw Bingo Ball” to select a bingo ball. Enjoy the sound effects of rolling bingo balls, and once a ball is selected, a satisfying ding sound will play, signaling the chosen ball.

4. Versatile Use for Various Events

“Bingo for Google Slides™” is perfect for a wide range of events:

  • Classroom Parties: Engage students with a fun and educational bingo game.
  • Senior Events: Provide a lively and interactive activity for seniors.
  • Office Parties: Break the ice and build team spirit with a game of bingo.
  • Church Events: Create a sense of community and fun with a themed bingo game.
  • Work Parties: Add a touch of excitement to your workplace gatherings.

How to Get Started

Getting started with “Bingo for Google Slides™” is easy. Simply install the add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace, and you’re ready to go. Follow these steps to create your first bingo game:

  1. Import a Template: Choose a bingo card template and import it into the add-on.
  2. Customize the Template: Use the intuitive editing tools to personalize your bingo cards.
  3. Generate Bingo Cards: Create as many unique bingo cards as you need.
  4. Distribute the Cards: Print the cards or share them as PDFs for virtual players.
  5. Conduct the Game: Use the flashboard feature to draw bingo balls and manage the game.


“Bingo for Google Slides” is a versatile and easy-to-use add-on that brings the classic game of bingo into the digital age. Whether you’re hosting a small classroom party or a large office event, “Bingo” makes it easy to create, customize, and manage your bingo games. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional bingo materials and hello to a new way of playing bingo with “Bingo for Google Slides™.”

Install “Bingo for Google Slides™” today and bring fun and excitement to your next event!

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