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Looking to save time and streamline your Google DocsTM workflow? Look no further than Merge Google Docs™! Our simple and powerful tool allows you to merge multiple documents into one file, no matter the file type.

With our free version, you can merge up to five documents each time you run a merge. And if you need even more merging power, our Pro version allows you to merge up to 100 documents at once.

But the benefits of the Pro version don’t stop there. Our Pro tool will go through folders recursively to merge all of your documents in one easy step. And to ensure the merged document is clean and easy to read, we’ll remove empty lines while still maintaining proper paragraph structure. Each document will start on a new page for easy reference, and all merged files will be subject to Google’s quota limits.

With Merge Google Docs™, you’ll be able to consolidate all of your documents into one, saving you time and hassle. Try our free version today, or upgrade to Pro for even more merging power. Start simplifying your Google Docs™ workflow with Merge Google Docs™!


Screen Shots

Authorization Scopes:

Accessing the Addon -> Extensions Menu -> MergeGoogleDocs -> Merge Google Docs™

Setting up the Spreadsheet

Merging Documents: (1) Fill up the ActiveList sheets with documents urls and (2) click Merge Documents

Your Subscription -> New User

Your Subscription -> Cancelled User

About Merge Google Docs

Supported File Types for merging: Google Docs™, MS Word Docs, Html Files, TXT Files and RTF files. And will recursively merge Google Drive™ folders.

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Privacy Policy * Terms and Condition