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Question Quest Game: The Ultimate Google Slide Add-On for Classroom Jeopardy Fun!


Keeping students engaged in the classroom can be a challenging endeavor, but with the integration of technology and fun activities, educators can now make learning interactive and exciting. Enter the “Question Quest Game” – a game-changing Google Slide add-on that brings the classic Jeopardy experience to life within the classroom setting. In this post, let’s delve into the game’s fantastic features and how it promises a new dimension of interactive learning.

1. Quick Question Imports

The Question Quest Game understands the importance of a teacher’s time. With the add-on, importing questions and answers is a breeze. Prepare your Q&A in a spreadsheet, and within seconds, seamlessly integrate them into the game. This feature is especially beneficial for those moments when you need a quick classroom activity without the long setup.

2. Variety is the Spice of Classroom Life!

Flexibility is crucial for adaptive teaching. The add-on allows up to 5 distinct categories, each containing 5 questions. This setup offers a wide range of subjects or topics to be covered in a single game session, ensuring comprehensive learning and engagement.

3. Score It Your Way

Every classroom and every set of students is unique. With customizable points or scores, teachers can decide the weightage of each question, making the game adaptable to the learning objectives of the day.

4. Team-Up in Classic Jeopardy Style

Fostering team spirit and collaboration, the Question Quest Game is designed for 2 competing teams. Let the battle of wits commence as students vie for the top spot!

5. Real-time Point Tracking – Mainboard and Sidebar!

Keeping an eye on the scores is paramount for maintaining the excitement of the game. The add-on proficiently tracks points both on the main game board and the sidebar, ensuring complete transparency and keeping the competitive spirit alive.

6. No Repetitions Here!

As teams select items, those questions are instantly hidden on the main board, ensuring a smooth game progression. Additionally, the sidebar won’t display questions that have already been selected. This dual-layered feature ensures no repeated questions and keeps the game flowing seamlessly.

7. A Fresh Look Every Time

The aesthetic of a game can significantly influence engagement. Question Quest Game comes equipped with various templates, letting you switch up the look and feel whenever you wish. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic design or something more vibrant, there’s a template for every taste.

8. Endless Gaming Opportunities

No need to recreate a new Jeopardy board after every session. With the Question Quest Game, you can effortlessly reload a different set of questions into an existing presentation. This feature promises variety and ensures that the game feels fresh every time it’s played.


The Question Quest Game Google Slide add-on is more than just a game; it’s an educational tool designed with the modern-day classroom in mind. From its easy-to-import questions feature to its diverse templates, it promises educators a seamless and interactive teaching experience. If you’re looking to combine learning with fun, the Question Quest Game is your go-to solution. Start your interactive teaching journey today!

Note: This blog post is fictional, created based on the features provided by the user for illustrative purposes.

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