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Introducing “Distribute for Google Slides” – Revolutionize How You Share Presentations!

Welcome to the future of presentation distribution with our latest Google Workspace Marketplace addon, “Distribute for Google Slides.” Whether you’re a teacher sharing lessons, a manager distributing project updates, or a marketer sharing campaign materials, this tool is designed to streamline your workflow and enhance your productivity. Let’s dive into how “Distribute for Google Slides” can transform the way you share and manage your presentations.

Effortless Slide Distribution

“Distribute for Google Slides” allows you to select multiple source slides from your Google Slides presentations and distribute them efficiently across numerous destination folders. This feature is perfect for users who need to share specific parts of a presentation with different teams or individuals without the hassle of manually splitting the files.

Customizable File Types

Our addon offers versatility in how your slides are shared. You can choose from several distribution options to meet your specific needs:

  • Combined PDF: Merge selected slides into a single PDF document.
  • Combined ZIP file with JPG images: Export selected slides as JPEG images, conveniently packaged in a ZIP file.
  • Merged Presentation: Combine all chosen slides into one streamlined Google Slides presentation.
  • Flattened Presentation: Merge slides into a single presentation with each slide converted into a flattened image background, preserving the visual integrity of your slides.

Simple Selection Process

Selecting which slides to include in your distribution has never been easier. “Distribute for Google Slides” lets you pick specific pages from your source slides to ensure that only the relevant content is shared, maintaining both security and relevance.

Unlimited Source Files and Destinations

With “Distribute for Google Slides,” the possibilities are limitless. You can select as many source files and destination folders as you need, ensuring comprehensive coverage and flexibility in managing your presentations. Whether you’re sharing with one team member or a hundred, the process remains simple and efficient.

Streamlined Sharing Options

For those who need a straightforward sharing solution, “Distribute for Google Slides” also offers distribution as is:

  • Shortcut: Create shortcuts to the original files in chosen destination folders.
  • Copy of All Source Files: Distribute copies of all your selected source files without modification.

Designed for Everyone

“Distribute for Google Slides” is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, suitable for anyone in any professional environment. Whether you’re tech-savvy or new to digital tools, you’ll find the interface straightforward and the process seamless.

Get Started Today!

Revolutionize the way you distribute your presentations with “Distribute for Google Slides.” Say goodbye to cumbersome file management and hello to efficiency. Available now on the Google Workspace Marketplace, this tool is your new go-to for sharing presentations with ease and precision. Transform your productivity and share your ideas more effectively than ever before!

Visit the Google Workspace Marketplace today to download and start simplifying your slide distribution process!

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