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Introducing our newest Google Editor SlideTM Addon: the ultimate solution for your slide export needs!

With our addon, you can now download your Google slides as either JPG or PNG files in a ZIP, conveniently and quickly. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually downloading and converting each slide one-by-one. Our addon lets you do it all in just a few clicks.

But that’s not all! You can also select specific pages or range of pages to download. Need only the first three slides? No problem. Want to download only pages 5 to 10? Easy peasy. Our addon gives you the flexibility to choose exactly what you need.

Plus, we’ve made it available for both free and pro accounts. Free accounts can download the first 8 slides, while pro accounts can download specific pages or page ranges. And with the ability to choose between JPG or PNG files, you have complete control over the quality and file size of your exported slides.

Save time and streamline downloading your slides as images with our Google Presentation/Slide Editor Addon. Try it out today and see the difference it makes!


How to install Download Slides as Images in a Zip (png or jpg)

Goto Extensions menu -> Add-ons -> Get add-ons or go directly to then click install (

Find the Download Slides as Zip in the Google Workspace Markplace.

Open the App and click install and go through the Authorization.

After installing you may see this screen (you simply need to refresh your spreadsheet to see the rest of the menu items)

Accessing The Tool via Extensions Menu in Google Slides

Accessing Download Features by clicking Download Sidebar

This is the Download sidebar, you can specify the pages you want to download if you have a pro account, if not, you can simply click on the Download As Zip button to download your slides. You can download Google slides as JPG or download Google slides as PNG.

Once a Download Zip File is generated a pop up shows up like this.

This is an example of a zip file.

This is the Your Subscription Sidebars Depending on whether you have subscriptions or not:

First Time user will see something like this: (Upgrade to Pro)

Users who have Upgraded to Pro will see this, allowing user to access their Payment Portal on Stripe, to cancel the account.

Users who cancelled will see this screen. Allowing them to see their payment history in their Payment Portal or they can Resubscribe.

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