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Introducing “Convert PDF to Slides”: Your Ultimate Google Slides Add-On

In today’s digital age, presentations are an integral part of our professional and educational lives. Whether you’re preparing a report for work or giving a lecture at school, Google Slides has become a go-to platform for creating and delivering captivating presentations. But what if you have a PDF document that you want to transform into a visually stunning presentation? Look no further – “Convert PDF to Slides” is here to simplify the process!

Convert or Import one or multiple PDF pages is now quick and easy.

Your PDF Conversion Solution, Right Inside Google Slides

“Convert PDF to Slides” is a powerful Google Slides add-on that streamlines the conversion of PDF documents into Google Slides presentations. This handy tool takes the hassle out of the conversion process, allowing you to effortlessly create captivating presentations from your PDF files, all without leaving Google Slides.

Key Features That Set “Convert PDF to Slides” Apart

1. Select Pages with Precision

Gone are the days of converting entire PDFs when you only need specific pages. With “Convert PDF to Slides,” you have the flexibility to select the exact pages you want to include in your presentation. Whether it’s a single page, a range, or a combination of pages, you have full control. For example, you can convert pages 1, 2, 3, 10-15, and 30 in one go.

2. Seamless URL Integration

The add-on is designed to cater to your convenience. It allows you to provide the URL of the PDF document you wish to convert. As long as the PDF is accessible on the web, “Convert PDF to Slides” will fetch it for you, saving you the trouble of uploading or attaching files.

3. Choose Your Conversion Style

Customization is key when creating impactful presentations. With this add-on, you can choose how your PDF pages are converted. Opt for an image shape that can be resized and repositioned on your slides for greater creative freedom, or use the PDF page as the background of each slide for a sleek and professional look.

4. Each Page Gets Its Own Slide

“Convert PDF to Slides” ensures that each page from your PDF document is seamlessly integrated into your Google Slides presentation. This means that you won’t have to worry about content getting lost or jumbled during the conversion process.

5. Free vs. Pro: Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that our users have diverse needs. That’s why “Convert PDF to Slides” offers both free and pro versions. Free version users can convert the first few pages of a PDF to test the waters, while pro account holders can convert hundreds of pages, making it suitable for larger projects and organizations.

How to Get Started

Using “Convert PDF to Slides” is a breeze. Simply install the add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace, and you’ll have access to these fantastic features right within Google Slides. Once installed, select your pages, input the PDF URL, choose your conversion style, and watch as your presentation comes to life.


“Convert PDF to Slides” is your one-stop solution for effortlessly transforming PDF documents into engaging Google Slides presentations. With its intuitive features, including precise page selection, web-accessible PDF integration, and customizable conversion styles, it’s the ideal tool for professionals, educators, and students alike.

Don’t let PDFs hold you back from creating captivating presentations. Try “Convert PDF to Slides” today and experience the difference it can make in your presentation workflow. Whether you’re a free user or a pro, this add-on is designed to enhance your Google Slides experience and help you shine in your presentations.

Privacy Policy * Terms and Condition