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Introducing “Distribute for Google Sheets”: Your Ultimate Sheet Distribution Solution

We’re excited to introduce our latest Google Sheets addon, “Distribute for Google Sheets,” designed to streamline the process of distributing sheets based on your unique needs. Whether you need to distribute data to the current spreadsheet, a new spreadsheet, or multiple spreadsheets, this addon offers the flexibility and efficiency you’ve been looking for.

Key Features

1. Seamless Distribution Options: “Distribute for Google Sheets” provides three primary distribution options:

  • Current Spreadsheet: Distribute sheets within the current spreadsheet, keeping everything in one place.
  • New Spreadsheet: Create a new spreadsheet for the distributed sheets.
  • Multiple Spreadsheets: Distribute each row to a separate spreadsheet, ideal for individualized data management.

2. Customizable List Tab: Users can define a list tab that serves as the blueprint for distribution. The list tab includes:

  • Name Column: The name of each distributed sheet.
  • Parent Folder URL Column: Specifies the parent folder where the output spreadsheets will be stored.
  • Email Column: Email addresses for granting access to the distributed spreadsheets.
  • Template Tab Names Column: A comma-delimited list of template tab names from the current spreadsheet.
  • Custom Columns: Additional columns that can be used as tokens within the template tabs.

3. Token Replacement: All columns in the list tab can be added as tokens within the template tabs, using curly brackets {}. These tokens will be dynamically replaced with the corresponding content from each row, ensuring personalized and accurate data distribution.

How It Works

1. Define Your List Tab: Set up your list tab with the necessary columns: Name, Parent Folder URL, Email, Template Tab Names, and any custom columns you require. Populate this tab with the relevant data for your distribution needs.

2. Customize Your Template Tabs: Create template tabs in your current spreadsheet, incorporating tokens where needed. These tokens will be replaced with the data from your list tab during distribution.

3. Choose Your Distribution Method: Select from the three distribution options based on your needs:

  • Current Spreadsheet: Distribute sheets within the same spreadsheet.
  • New Spreadsheet: Generate a new spreadsheet for the distributed sheets, which will appear as shortcuts in the specified parent folder.
  • Multiple Spreadsheets: Each row in the list tab will result in a separate spreadsheet, stored in the specified parent folders.

4. Execute Distribution: With your list tab and template tabs set up, simply execute the distribution. The addon will handle the rest, ensuring that your sheets are accurately and efficiently distributed according to your specifications.

Why Choose “Distribute for Google Sheets”?

“Distribute for Google Sheets” is designed with flexibility and efficiency in mind. It simplifies the process of distributing data, saving you time and effort. Whether you’re managing a team, organizing projects, or handling large datasets, this addon provides the tools you need to distribute sheets effectively.

Get Started Today

Ready to streamline your sheet distribution process? Try “Distribute for Google Sheets” today and experience the ease and efficiency it brings to your workflow. With its powerful features and customizable options, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Download “Distribute for Google Sheets” from the Google Workspace Marketplace and take your data management to the next level!

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