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Introducing the Classroom Wheel Game: A Fun and Interactive Google Workspace/Google Slides Addon

We’re excited to introduce the Classroom Wheel Game, a brand new extension for Google Workspace and Google Slides designed to bring the excitement of a Wheel of Fortune-style game to your classroom. This engaging tool is perfect for educators looking to add an interactive and fun element to their lessons. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the features and how you can get started.

Classroom Game Configuration

Predefined Puzzle Boards:
The Classroom Wheel Game comes with a selection of predefined puzzle boards. You can choose from these templates directly within the extension, ensuring a quick and easy setup.

Customizable Puzzles with Google Sheets:
For those who prefer a personalized touch, you can configure your Classroom Wheel Game puzzle information using Google Sheets. Simply copy the provided template within the extension, and you’re ready to go.

Here’s what you can customize:

  • Wheel Points: Define up to 10 wheel points and include 1 bankrupt wedge.
  • Puzzles and Hints: Add as many puzzles as you want, each with its own hint.
  • Team Names: Set up to 4 team names.
  • Vowel Purchase Points: Specify how many points will be deducted for buying a vowel.

Once your spreadsheet is complete, attach it to your Google Slides via the extension and import your data. Each word puzzle will be created as a new slide, complete with team names and hints.

Custom Sound Effects:
Not a fan of the default sound effects? No problem. You can upload your own sounds for:

  • Revealing a letter
  • Incrementing points
  • Wheel spinning
  • Incorrect letter (buzzer)
  • Bankrupt

Playing the Classroom Wheel Game

Game Sidebar Options:
When you’re ready to play, open the sidebar in Google Slides. Each round, players have three options:

  1. Pick a Letter:
    • Spin the wheel and guess a letter. If it’s not the bankrupt wedge and the letter is in the puzzle, it will be revealed, and points will be added based on the wedge value multiplied by the number of occurrences of the letter.
    • If the letter is not in the puzzle and you don’t land on the bankrupt wedge, an X will be shown (up to three times for incorrect guesses).
    • If the letter lands on the bankrupt wedge, all round points are lost.
  2. Buy a Vowel:
    • For 250 points (or your specified amount), buy a vowel. Points will be deducted whether the vowel is in the puzzle or not. If the vowel is present, it will be revealed.
  3. Reveal the Puzzle:
    • Use this option to reveal all the letters one by one, ideal for a toss-up round.

Completing the Round:
After all guesses, click the button to complete the round. Assign points to the appropriate team, and their scores on the current slide will be updated. Click “Proceed to the next round” to continue playing, with team scores carrying over to the next puzzle.

Why Choose Classroom Wheel Game?

The Classroom Wheel Game offers a dynamic and interactive way to engage students, making learning fun and memorable. Its seamless integration with Google Sheets and Google Slides ensures that you have full control over game customization and execution, all within the familiar Google Workspace environment.

Ready to add a spin to your classroom activities? Try the Classroom Wheel Game today and watch your students’ enthusiasm for learning skyrocket!

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